Thousands of women thank you for buying fair trade products.

Thousands of women thank you for buying fair trade products.

The communities in Ghana would like to thank everyone who bought fair trade products in the past year. Because in addition to a fair price, all kinds of improvements are made that benefit the entire community.

With Butterwise's fair trade label (Fair for Life), all kinds of improvements are realized on economic, social and environmentally friendly subjects. Basically, working to make your shea butter is well paid, safe, environmentally friendly, not unnecessarily complicated, and humane.

In particular, we've been working on a number of topics this year that go way beyond just paying a fair price. The following points will have been achieved with the Fair for Life income in 2022:

  • Water wells and water tanks for the community to provide drinking water for production as well as drinking water.
  • Provide first aid kits and first aid training for the community on how to handle minor injuries and illnesses.
  • Equipment that makes work easier such as: Milling machines, electric motors, kneading machines, storage bins, buckets and water storage tanks. This way the community can produce and earn more than in previous years.
  • Work more pleasantly by providing overall jackets, gloves, rubber boots and ear plugs.
  • In addition, a number of storage houses for organic sheabutter have been built. Now the nuts no longer have to be kept at home in sometimes already small houses, which is nice for the whole family.

As you can see, the improvements are all indirectly related to the production of the shea butter, but they mainly ensure that the lives of the communities that produce the shea improve. Read all about it in the full report.

And because the communities themselves decide on the choice of improvements, buying fair trade shea butter has the maximum result for the communities themselves.

Thank you!